Raheja Builders Boosts Productivity &
Reduces Payroll leakage



Raheja Builders, a renowned real estate developer, grappled with the complexities of managing a workforce spread across multiple construction sites. With mounting challenges related to employee attendance, location tracking, and payroll accuracy, the company sought a robust solution that could simplify these aspects of their operation.

The Challenge

Inefficiency was costing Raheja Builders—literally. Dispersed teams made it difficult to maintain accurate attendance records, a problem that directly impacted payroll accuracy. Manual methods of record-keeping were unreliable and rife with the potential for error. As a result, the company faced increased operational costs and decreased staff accountability.

The Poros Solution

Raheja Builders turned to Poros to address these pressing issues. Our mobile-based attendance and workforce management app offered them the functionality they needed, right at their fingertips. Here's how:

  • Location-Aware Attendance: By using geolocation, Poros allowed managers to accurately record when and where employees clocked in or out.
  • Automated Record-Keeping: Poros removed the need for paper timesheets and manual entry, reducing human error and making it easier to complete payroll.
  • Centralized Oversight: A single dashboard provided a real-time overview of workforce attendance and location, making it easier for managers to make informed decisions.

The Outcome

Within a few months of deploying Poros, Raheja Builders experienced substantial improvements:

  • Payroll accuracy improved dramatically, reducing errors by 10%.
  • Worker accountability increased, evidenced by a 15% uptick in overall productivity.
  • Management reported saving an average of 10 hours per week, freeing them to focus on essential aspects of their projects.

Client's Words

"We were in search of a reliable solution to help us with attendance and payroll, and Poros has delivered on all fronts. It's efficient, straightforward, and has made our lives a lot easier." — Hasim, HR Manager, Raheja Builders


Poros provided Raheja Builders with the tools they needed to better manage their workforce, enhance productivity, and improve payroll accuracy. If your organization faces similar challenges, we invite you to discover how Poros can make a meaningful difference in your operations.

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Track your employees in the office as well as in fields using the app only. Biometric machines not needed anymore.