Features of POROS

Live Tracking

  • Live employee movement tracking
  • Define Alert zone
  • Employee movement history
  • Realtime location of employee

IOT based attendance

  • Auto Attendance for Labour staff
  • Realtime Location within building
  • Idle time report
  • Realtime labour count within building

Project Management

  • Manage project
  • Mutiple employee in single project
  • Task management
  • Realtime task completion notification
  • Task activity report
  • Project completion report

Leave Management

  • Supports multiple types of leave transactions
  • Holiday lists
  • Leave Policy
  • Automatic tracking of leave balances
  • Easy year end processing (lapsing, carry-forward, etc.)
  • Automate Leave Credit
  • Online Leave Apply and Approve
  • Week Off Management


  • GPS, Selfie, Wifi
  • Beacon, QR, NFC
  • Multiple Client Location
  • Multiple Branch Office
  • Shift Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Comp off Management
  • Attendance Muster Generation
  • Attendance Regularization

Core HR

  • Employee Info Management
  • Employee Directory (Mobile)
  • HR Dashboard
  • Leave and attendance Regularization


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Ticket Support
  • Knowledge base

Available for your

Track your employees in the office as well as in fields using the app only. Biometric machines not needed anymore.